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Keeping in view the high necessity and demand of packing, safety and security products in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Joaib Plastic and packaging factory was built to fulfill the requirements of the market and society Joaib Plastic and Packing Factory is an affiliate company of Joaib Group Established in 1990 became the first and one of the biggest Air Bubble Film producers in the Middle East. 
The company has a strong presence the entire GCC, Middle East, Asia and Africa countries and more than 45% of products are being exported to aboard due to its immense market demand. Joaib Plastic and Packing Factory also produce a high tech product brand named Bubble Cool. 
a Thermo Reflective Insulation for hot and cold climate. 
The products were tested and certified at Institute Giordano in Italy. 
Joaib Plastic and Packing Factory also known as a best manufacturer of Safety Netting by applying the European Technology. 
For those that makes possible to us to be as one of the most innovative safety netting company in the Middle East. 
The onward journey for establishing new product line keeps going on in the same pace and that is why another versatile product the Polyethylene (PE) Foam was added with its excellent features for packaging, insulation and it is recyclable and eco- friendly. 
In Joaib Plastic & Packing Factory we add value to these products by providing customer focused marketing, providing prompt delivery of customized solution and sales program with a total commitment to your satisfaction. 
We are duty bound to continue the heritage of producing top quality products thus maintaining our image as a leader in the Middle –East and eventually in the global market.